TECS2 Series

Air-Cooled Oil-free Centrifugal Chiller

TECS2 Series


TECS2 air and water source chillers are the most efficient and reliable solution available in the market today.
ESEER 5.87 for TECS2 with all the advantages in terms of reliability and technical support, due to Climaveneta's unbeatable know-how of this technology, for a truly ideal answer to the challenge of the most demanding applications.

Product Specifications

Cooling Capacity: 229-1324kW
Precise attention to comfort and noise emissions
Very strict energy efficiency and sustainability requirements
Infrastructure and technical space optimization
Unbeatable efficiency at part load
Simplified logistics
Extremely silent operation
Low in rush current
Centrifugal compressor with magnetic levitation
Flooded evaporator
Electronic Valve
EC Fans

Technical Specifications

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