Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

Everywhere You Look Around You, Mitsubishi Electric is There.

Embracing the Mitsubishi Electric Group’s fundamental principle of addressing the diverse social challenges through our businesses, we strive to deliver new value through co-creation and by integrating knowledge within and outside the Group. Discover how Mitsubishi Electric provides evolved components, systems, and solutions across different fields, impacting people’s daily lives and shaping a sustainable society for everyone through Integrated Solutions.

Transportation Solutions

Episode 1: Connecting people to places safely & comfortably
Mitsubishi Electric helps improve the daily commuting experience from the moment one steps into the station. Discover how our transportation solutions contribute to creating the ultimate safety and comfort to passengers’ experience.

Episode 2: Riding an eco-journey, towards sustainable living
Mitsubishi Electric helps achieve an eco-journey, charting the path towards a more sustainable future for all. Find out how our transportation solutions contribute to developing an environmentally friendly transportation network.

Building Solutions

Episode 3: Ensuring a better environment everyday
Mitsubishi Electric helps create a livable and sustainable environment for everyone, improving the quality of life even in homes. Discover how our integrated building solutions contribute to the construction of smart buildings, providing unprecedented levels of control of multiple systems.

Episode 4: Building a more sustainable workplace for everyone 
Mitsubishi Electric contributes to building a green and comfortable workplace for all. Find out how our building solutions integrate and optimise the management of systems, increasing energy savings and improving building operations.

Water Treatment Plant Solutions

Episode 5: Reimagining water for the sustenance of life
Mitsubishi Electric plays a role in providing everyone access to clean water. Find out how our water treatment plant solutions are capable of contributing to the sustainable operation of the entire water treatment process, ensuring the quality renewal of clean water.

Data Centre Solutions

Episode 6: A reliable system that ensures a smooth-sailing day for all 
Mitsubishi Electric works to ensure the continuity of our daily operations. Discover how our data centre solutions ensure the continued and reliable operation of data centres, supporting all our online activities, such as video conferences, e-commerce purchases, bank transactions, healthcare records, etc.

Factory Automation Solutions

Episode 7: Allowing us to work smarter through digitalisation 
Mitsubishi Electric helps construct smart and optimised factories. Explore how our factory automation solutions empower workers to work more efficiently, enable improvement to energy efficiency, productivity, and product quality.

Episode 8: Maintaining trouble-free operations at work 
Mitsubishi Electric helps create a factory that never stops, offering professionals peace of mind. Learn how our total maintenance solutions, powered by cutting-edge IoT and AI technologies, support maintenance activities in all phases of manufacturing processes.

Defence Solutions

Episode 9: Defending the Safety of Everyone
Mitsubishi Electric contribute to safeguarding national security. Explore how our defence solutions protect the safety and security of our society.

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