The ME Experience

Service Commitment

The Mitsubishi Electric (ME) Experience

Served with Pride and Care

Service Vision

Our Service Vision Statement stands for the ultimate ME experience we like to deliver to our customers.

How we embrace the essence of ME Experience stems from our commitment to drive Quality in everything we do.

Quality would mean being reliable and consistent, having the ability to differentiate ourselves from competitors, and always striving to earn trust and satisfaction from our customers.

Regardless of the role we play in the big family of Mitsubishi Electric Asia, we are reminded that all of us have customers to take care of. We too, are often the recipients of internal customer service.

The key to shaping our Service Culture is to demonstrate the spirit of Serve, Pride and Care in our journey of "Changes for the better"!

Service Values

Service is our Business

In March 2020, Mitsubishi Electric Asia was awarded the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) with Service Niche Standard Certification, a reaffirmation of our commitment towards service excellence since the Singapore Service Class (S-Class) award in 2016.

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