Modular Air Cooled Chiller / Heat Pump



The AQS modular air-cooled chiller / heat pump adopts the environment friendly refrigerant HFC410A, and the cooling capacity for each module can be 65kW or 130kW separately. Up to 16 modules can be connected in parallel to get combined capacity from 65kW to 2080kW. It can save the investment of cooling system and the operating cost, also the unit can be installed on the roof without extra plant room. 

Product Specifications

Intelligent Controller
Flexible Scroll Compressor
Smart Defrost
High Efficiency and Energy Saving
Efficient Heat Exchanger
Efficient Condenser
Up to 16 units combined in 1 circuit
Working Under Extreme Environment
Electric Expansion Valve
Environment Friendly Refrigerant HFC410A
Low Noise
Specifications Icon

Technical Specifications

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