Mr Slim Inverter

Mr Slim Inverter


Advancements in PLY series improve style and performance for ensured indoor comfort


Joint Wrap DC Motor

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a unique motor, called the “Poki-Poki Motor” in Japan, which is manufactured using a joint lapping technique. This innovative motor operates based on a high-density, high-magnetic force, leading to extremely high efficiency and reliability. 

PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation)

Electricity can be used efficiently with less loss, the current wave resembles the supply voltage wave. PAM is a method for controlling the form of the current wave so that it conforms to the supply voltage wave. With PAM control, 98% of input power supply is effectively used.

3D i-see Sensor **

A total of eight sensors rotate a full 360° in 3-minute intervals. In addition to deteching human body temperature, our original algorithm also detects people’s position and the number of people

Compact design

A thin body design with a height of only 250mm enables installation in tight spaces such as ceiling cavities or drop-ceilings

Stylish Indoor Unit Design

Sleek and slim with stylishly curved lines, PCY series is designed to blend into interior

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