Advanced Centralised Controller

Advanced Centralised Controller


The AE-200E centralised controller is designed to provide you with the ultimate system management tool. The 10.4inch high definition LCD touch panel allowing user friendly programming, giving you control of temperature, fan speed and airflow options at the touch of the screen.

10.4-in LCD touch panel excelling in visibility and operability

The large display screen and the floor screen image* are excellent in visibility, and the equipment can be operated by touching the icons on the touch panel.

Air conditioners can be monitored and operated remotely

Air conditioners can be monitored and operated from the browsers screens on remote personal computers by connecting the personal computers to the Internet through Internet connection modem and VPN router on the LAN wiring.

Enables energy management for air conditioners**

The power consumption*** and operating time of air conditioners are display on the AE-200. The usage of air conditioners and the effect of energy saving control can be checked. In addition to the graphic display, the data can be displayed in rank order.

Air flow direction and speed can be adjusted finely according to the schedule

The controller has a function for setting annual schedule and five patterns of weekly schedule in each term (season), so that the time to start and stop, temperature and air flow direction and speed in each time slot can be preset.

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