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Customer Care & Technical Centre

To be the world-class service provider among the world-class service providers in the world, improving our image is the first step to success. With this in our vision, our Customer Care & Technical Centre was renovated in Feb 2007.

Our professional customer service officers are well trained with years of experience to provide you with the best customer care support you can find.

Our qualified technical professionals are well trained with years of experience in their specialized fields to provide world-class services for our valued customers. 

We provide servicing and repair during and after the guarantee periods for the proud owners of the following products:

  1. Air Con
  2. Refrigerator
  3. Fan

On-site servicing and repair is provided for air con, refrigerator products.

In-house servicing and repair is provided for fan products only.

Air Con Maintenance 
Frequent usage of your air con units and environment conditions will affect the performance of the air con units. By keeping your air con units well maintained and having them serviced at least 4 times a year, the system performance is improved with its life span prolonged too.

FAQ: Is my AC unit faulty?
Odour: It is not a fault symptom. Odour discharged from the Fan Coil are caused by accumulation of odour found in the room. (example: pets, cigarette, clothing, baby diapers etc.) they are absorbed into the Indoor Unit during air circulation and will be discharged again during operations.

Noise: If the unit had been in used for a while and no proper maintenance had been applied, dust/dirt accumulation on the Line-Flow Fan may cause increased vibration leading to noise and abnormal wear and tear to the Fan Motor.

Water Dripping: Dust/dirt accumulation on the Line-Flow Fan and Heat Exchanger also reduces the heat exchange efficiency and reduces the air flow leading to abnormally colder surfaces on the Indoor Unit and condensation to occur on vanes/surfaces of the Indoor Unit as well as field pipes. Drainage may also be choke by dust/dirt and accumulation of algae growth leading to water overflow and dripping from the drain pan.

For proper cleaning, please consult an Air Conditional specialist or your retailer to sign up and establish a regular cleaning maintenance program.

Spare Parts
Spare parts are available at our Customer Care & Technical Centre for purchase to replace the damaged parts in your purchased products.

Payment Terms
For any purchases made at our Customer Care & Technical Centre, only CASH payments are accepted. 

Contact our Customer Care & Technical Centre today.

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