Starmex R410a Single Split

Starmex R410a Single Split


Mitsubishi Electric’s Starmex GN Series is designed for optimum cooling performance as well as operational comfort. Mitsubishi Electric's employs the latest technology to provide you cleaner healthier air with excellent energy savings.

*Capacity is based on rated condition Indoor: 27°C DB/19°C WB; Outdoor: 35°CDB


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Excellent Energy Savings

Wide range of air conditioner that had obtain 5 ticks excellent energy efficiency rating from National Environment Agency

Dual Barrier Coating

World's FIRST Dual barrier coated air conditioner that prevents dust, dirt, oil mist and smoke from sticking onto the air conditioner. Reduces 18% minimization of energy efficiency, 30% minimization of air volume worsening to deliver clean air while improving energy efficiency.

One of the Quietest air conditioner in the market

Quiet silent operation mode with only 19dB, one of the quietest indoor unit in the market 

Easy Clean

The wide air outlet makes cleaning easy, always keeping the air in your room clean and fresh  


Microparticle Catching Filter 

Effectively removes 99% PM 2.5 particles from the air when passes through filter in 200 mins.**

*Refer to catalogue for testing conditions.

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