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Mitsubishi Electric Asia Awarded the Singapore Quality Class with Service Niche Standard Certification

30 April 2020

Mitsubishi Electric Asia has been dedicated to providing service excellence since its establishment in 1977. To affirm our high service standards, we attained the Singapore Service Class (S-Class) awarded by Spring Singapore back in 2016.

On 31 March 2020, Enterprise Singapore awarded Mitsubishi Electric Asia the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) with Service Niche Standard Certification. This certification is rebranded from the S-Class award and is reviewed every three years.

The Business Excellence (BE) framework provides a comprehensive set of management standards for business excellence, and covers seven areas – Leadership, Customers, Strategy, People, Processes, Knowledge and Results.

Attaining the SQC with Service Niche Standard in this re-certification, marks our commitment in providing high level of service and dedication to service excellence while continuously striving for greater heights in business excellence.

Embarking Our Service Excellence Journey Since 2015

In 2015, Mitsubishi Electric Asia embarked on its service excellence journey with a series of activities supported by employees of all levels. In the same year, our Service Quality statement of “The Mitsubishi Electric Quality (MEQ) Experience Served with Pride and Care” was also established.  The following year in June 2016, Mitsubishi Electric Asia achieved the S-Class Award by Spring Singapore.

Attaining the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) with Service Niche Standard Certification

To exemplify our commitment towards service excellence, Mitsubishi Electric Asia went on to attain the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) with Service Niche Standard Certification on 31 March 2020.

The SQC is based on the internationally benchmarked BE framework by Enterprise Singapore; this certification provides a more in-depth and holistic standard and provide a consistent brand identity for organisations with commendable management practices to achieve higher levels of performance.

The BE framework is a globally benchmarked developmental tool. It is aligned to international excellence frameworks adopted by the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Award, Japan Quality Award and the Australian Organizational Excellence Awards.

The rigor of the BE assessments ensures that the SQC recognition will serve as a trust mark for Singapore enterprises.

Being certified the SQC validates Mitsubishi Electric Asia’s commitment and achievement of sustainable business performance and robust management systems and processes.

Our Commitment

We will always provide service of the highest standards to our employees and customers to uphold the Mitsubishi Electric Quality. 

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